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culinary items maintenance & care

All of our culinary items are food safe. Simply clean and rise with water then wipe with a towel. Apply mineral oil with beeswax or walrus oil to condition the wood as needed. Never put the item in dishwasher and never fully submerge in water.



furniture items maintenance & care

I recommend using Rubio Monocoat Natural Soap on wooden items as well as epoxy resin surface. This is a ready to mix concentrate specially formulated for use with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus and Oil Plus 2C finishes. It cleans the wood while maintaining the natural matte finish.

- Do not leave any surplus water on the wood

- Always use a damp cloth, not wet

- Do not set anything on the furniture until it is completely dry

- Do not set extra hot plates directly onto the wood

- Do not use abrasives scouring pads and all purpose cleaners

- Do not use alcohol to clean/disinfect the surface

- Use recommended type of cloth.  A towel or a cotton rag will do just fine, as will a chamois cloth. These types of fabric are gentle to the surface and highly absorbent.

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