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furniture that defines you

wood that enhances the beauty of your home

custom furniture studio by Arthur Ray


Welcome to Arthouse Manufactory, custom furniture studio in Southern California
Since 2016 I’ve been professionally experimenting and developing my skills and processes of fine  woodworking. I'm dedicated to honoring crafts that stand the test of time and ensuring that traditional woodworking skills are not replaced by mass-production



Quality logs from damaged, dead, or hazardous trees from local cities are being repurposed into urban lumber to give them a second life. Logs unfit for lumber are processed into firewood or ground into wood chips in an effort to produce zero tree waste. 
After milling service slabs should be properly air or  kiln dried.


Upgrade your décor with incredible functional art from Arthouse Manufactory
Creative and modern twists on interior and exterior furniture, residential and commercial 
From "river" tables to wall art, signature and custom made products
Don’t settle for boring furniture anymore, invest in furniture that inspires you.

I have an eye for detail, and love all of the natural earthy wood 'imperfections', although I don't see them as such: knots, voids, splits, cracks and in-grown bark. I don't hide them, I make a unique and beautiful feature out of them with exclusive range of resin inserts and tree bark preservation techniques, resulting in a rustic-modern appearance. 

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